Hinduism & Sanatana Dharma

Hindusim means Sanatana Dharma. Hinduism was coined by outsiders, and it means who do not practice Islam, Zohrastrian, Christianity or Judaism, and practised by the people who live in geographical region of Hindu {land between Himkhand (Himalaya) and Indu Samudra (Indian Ocean) – MahaShivpurana, Rudrasamhita-Yuddhakhanda}.

Is it a religion or a way of life? I believe it is both. It is based on “Puranik” scriptures of Vedic culture. Veda is science.

There are many misconceptions about Hinduism.
Please read the 21 Intriguing Questions on this page: http://encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/21_intriguing_questions.htm

People in ancient Bhaaratvarsha used to follow Sanatana Dharma. The invaders who came to this side of Indus river named the inhabitants of this land as Hindus and the place as Hindustan. The Dharma they followed was coined as religion by them and thus came into existence Hinduism. The word Hinduism is just 1400 years old. Sanatana-Dharma is 1900 million years old per the Bhaartiya scripture Bhagvatam.

There are three cycles of time: (a) The smallest one is called chaturyugi and it is of 4.32 million years, (b) the second bigger one is called manvantar and it is of (4.32×1,000) ÷ 14million years, and (c) the third one is of 4,320 million years. This is called kalp, which is one day of Brahma. Brahma lives for 100 years x 360 days and nights of his life, which comes to 311.04 trillion years. His present age is the 1st day of the 51st year, which is 155.521972 trillion years. Since then the history of Bharatvarsh originates. The existing kalp started 1,972 million years ago and the existing manvantar started 120 million years ago. [1]

HINDUISM: Extract from ‘Hinduism is the source of civilisation’ [2] & ‘Hinduism’ [3]

Hinduism is the world’s most liberal and tolerant religion. Hindus by nature are peaceful, law abiding and secular people. ‘OM’ is a symbol of Vedic Knowledge. Hindus, Buddhist’s Mantra. It provides a fine example of Symbolism. Symbolism is needed in all fields of human knowledge like science, religion and politics. [2]

Hinduism is not a man-made religion. It was not founded by any single person. It is not based on a set of dogmas preached by a particular set of teachers. It was not started as a system, like Islam or Christianity. It is the product of the seers of the Vedas. It was developed from age to age by the teachings of Avataras, Rishis, Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita and the Itihasas. It will exist as long as the world lasts. There is a peculiar, mysterious spiritual force that is ingrained in the heart of every Hindu. [2]

One gets astonished when he hears about the diverse sects and creeds of Hinduism. But, these are mere ornaments to Hinduism and not its defects, suiting to every type of mind and temperament. This is the cardinal tenet of Hinduism. There is room in Hinduism for all types of souls-from the highest to the lowest-for their growth and evolution. [3]

The term Hinduism is most elastic. It includes a number of sects and cults, allied together. It is a fellowship of faiths and can be termed as a federation of philosophies. It accommodates all types of human beings, creatures and the cosmos itself. It prescribes spiritual food for everybody, according to his qualification and growth. This is the beauty of this magnanimous religion. This is the glory of Hinduism. Hence there is no conflict among the various cults and creeds. [3]

Despite all the difference of metaphysical doctrines, modes of religious discipline, and forms of ritualistic practices and social habits prevalent in the Hindu society, there is an essential uniformity in the conception of religion, and in the outlook on life and the world, among all sections of Hindus. [3]

A scholar Chand K. Sharma says in online-‘Hinduism does not make any discrimination in the society on the basis of color, race or gender. The meaning of Dharma (religion) is related to the service of society and environment. Every person is respected equally in individual capacity. Professions have been graded inter-se according to the contribution made towards the well being of society. Hindu society is the only society that propagated the slogan of “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” (world is a family) at the dawn of civilization, implying that entire universe is one large family where every one has to play the assigned role for the well being of all. [2]

An analyst Stephen Knapp says- India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) through the process of secular or Christian education. In public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. There are no possibilities to study the ancient Hindu literature or art in such institutions. The Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland. [2]

However, it is a matter of great regret that Hindus are not being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

If we want to know the greatness of Hinduism, we can see The Great Wall of China, “the seventh wonders of the world” has a fourteen feet long Sanskrit incantation engraved on the western gate. Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan had written ‘OM Namo! Bhagawati’ including others in the 14th century. The Chinese Great Wall has many syllables from ‘Mahabharata’ written on the doors in Sanskrit language. [2]

[1] http://encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/articles/1_the_unbroken_continuity.htm

[2] http://www.weeklyblitz.net/670/hinduism-is-the-foundation-of-civilization

[3] http://www.dlshq.org/religions/hinduism.htm


3 Responses to Hinduism & Sanatana Dharma

  1. AAryan says:

    A reply from Bhuvan:
    That’s why I believe, it is hard to explain this on the internet, leave alone finding people with Vedic wisdom and morality (unless one is clear enough).
    When someone uses Hinduism/Hindu, it brings the whole Vedic culture and literature at par with some man made Religions. In other words you are belittling Vedic values, culture and literature and pitching the whole Vedic culture/literature against man made religion such as Islam, Christianity etc.
    Vedic culture and literature is eternal and belongs to all mankind and not restricted to any religion. In fact the whole world was Vedic one time.
    By using word Hindu/Hinduism, which is itself foreign and created with diabolic intentions, things become more deluded and will end up in silly arguments that ‘my religion is superior than yours’.
    Vedic Vision aim is not to get entangled in some materialistic, illogical debates but to find the genuine responsible reasons for the current rot with relevant solutions.
    To understand the Vedic knowledge “AS IT IS” is more important and to do that right use of right words are very important by avoiding the distorted ones.
    Glad that you are following Vedic Vision.


  2. sanatana dharma is a nine thousand year old religion. Krishna killed thousands of sanatans people , After krishna;s creation Hindu religion Hindus are trying to Wipe off Sanatan religion.. Now Hindu religion is dead. ( Killed by God). Long live Sanatan Draram.

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