What are the needs?

Manfred Max-Neef and his colleagues developed a taxonomy of human needs and a process by which communities can identify their “wealths” and “poverties” according to how their fundamental human needs are satisfied.

Max-Neef classified the fundamental human needs and developed a matrix based on the existential categories of being, having, doing and interacting.

The matrix of needs can be used to evaluate how well these needs are satisfied of the Indian population. It should be done with caution as the culture and the social norms might impact the way they are achieved. For e.g.

  1. affection-doing/express emotions ; It has a limitation for love marriages in some cultures
  2. participation-being/receptiveness & interacting; This is limited for girls in some cultures due to patriarchal society
  3. creation-interacting/spaces for expression; It has some limitations due to social pressure which considers it cynicism in some societies
  4. identity-being /sense of belonging, -having/religions; This is very sensitive as some religious groups are struggling to establish its belonging
  5. freedom-being/autonomy, -having/equal rights, – interacting/anywhere; This is perceived differently by different cultures and depends upon the social norms which are established for smooth operation of day-to-day life.





Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamental_human_needs


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