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India awakening, not intolerant !

There is a rant going on in India about intolerance. This is the first time that Bollywood is talking about, who kind of stayed away from these social issues, e.g. evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits or Biharis in Mumbai. After long, … Continue reading

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Rape – how to put an end to it?

This is what some scientists, like Palmer and Thornhill, asks as well as politicians. Surprising, but sadly it is true. They call it “natural adaptation” or as an act of “biological temptation”. These biologists and so-called political leaders should ask … Continue reading

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Why Gandhi did what he did?

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Many individuals and generation-Y of India question his support regarding Prime ministerial candidature “… him asking Sardar V. Patel to step down from the candidature …”. Some individuals also question his motive on the prevention of Pakistan formation by recommending … Continue reading

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Who cares about Freedom in India?

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I would like to put forward my opinion in front of you about who actually is concerned about “Freedom” to achieve happiness and prosperity in India. This is based on the economic disparity going to be in 2015. The poor and Lower … Continue reading

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Role of markets in the Society

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After watching the talk on TED by Michael Sandel [6], it kept me constantly worrying about the situation in India. My head is always spinning and constantly searching for the clues to connect the dots. India was a prosperous country … Continue reading

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Why Hinduism is the most Liberal religion?

You might be wondering how a certain religion can be liberal. There is hype on the web, as well as in India, that Hindu fundamentalists are not liberal.  Gurucharan Das says [6] “With the rise in religious fundamentalism around the … Continue reading

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Capitalism in India

Capitalism in India existed long before even Hinduism (the name) came into existence. If you look back into the history from the Mauryans [1] to Guptas period [2] (which is the only one recorded) reads out loud that the capitalism thrived … Continue reading

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