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What can I predict for India, politically?

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Who will be PM in 2014? Mr. N. Modi is going to be a PM under coalition NDA (BJP will be a short of majority, as it seems now). But, he will not last long, until and unless a dire need … Continue reading

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How Government (Mis)manages to keep the Nation Poor ?

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Sometimes I wonder why people remain poor even after government providing all kinds of help to alleviate poverty. They provide subsidized food and shelter.  Some countries even provide free education and employment assistance. But, poverty becomes worst in poor countries … Continue reading

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Is foreign invetment in India GOOD or BAD?

On FB Piyush Jain from Kota showed a very good concern on FDI in India. His Q: AAryan Rao, I say some thing, that foreign companies are coming in India that is very bad bcoz now again India is servant of foreigners. My reply: Piyush, There are two ways to … Continue reading

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Does India really need to change?

The literacy rate of India increased to 65% was @15% during Independence.[1] What we learned seems entirely wrong. If you dig deep it will be evident that we learned mostly how to copy. We copied the British education, lifestyle, and … Continue reading

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