About Me

I am anarchist by person, socially liberal but politically conservative. I might not fit as a religious person but often try to connect with a formless God Shiva. I believe that every person on this earth, has a God in himself, and has a complete freedom to carve his own destiny.

My world is my little family. My home is my shrine. I have enjoyed a carefree childhood however, spent my teen years wandering, trying to make peace with myself. The more my family members, friends, teachers and pundits taught me about social etiquette and moral ideologies the more it perplexed me. Thus, most of my childhood and teen was invested in finding the right answers befitting my anarchist thinking. Marriage actually helped me in discovering my true self. My wife became my great mirror. My son was my reflection which helped me to shape my vision.

I lived and enjoyed my first quarter of my life in western region of India. However, I and my wife together decided to raise our son in a different country, a least corrupted one in all spheres especially religiously and ethically, and thus decided to emigrate to Canada. It is proud for us parents to see our child evolving into a smart and sensitive man who is growing into a responsible citizen. Personally I think, that this would not have been possible without my wife who always filled the gaps which I poorly created or left open. I improvised my career after further advancing my education in Canada.

By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer and am associated with an Automotive industry. I enjoy my work;  Engineering is my passion, copying nature’s design is always my goal as well as integrating systems is another.

I have a dream to see India becoming into a complete, prosperous, safe, strong, cultured and respectable free society; and walk on this pious land where the people can write their own destiny, irrespective of belief systems.

|| ऊँ नम: शिवाय ||


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