About Me

I am anarchist by person, socially liberal but politically conservative. I might not fit as a religious person but often try to connect with a formless God Shiva. I believe that every person on this earth has a God within enabling complete freedom to carve his own destiny.

My world is my little family. My home is my shrine. I have enjoyed a carefree childhood, however, spent my teen years wandering trying to make peace with myself. The more my family, friends, teachers and pundits taught me the social etiquette and moral ideologies the more it perplexed me. Thus, most of my childhood and teen-hood was invested in finding the right answers befitting my anarchist thinking. Marriage actually helped me in discovering my true self. My wife became my great mirror. My son was my reflection which helped me to shape my vision.

I carry a dream to see India becoming into a complete, prosperous, safe, strong, cultured and respectable free society; and walk on this pious land where the people can write their own destiny irrespective of belief systems.

|| ऊँ नम: शिवाय ||



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