India awakening, not intolerant !

There is a rant going on in India about intolerance. This is the first time that Bollywood is talking about, who kind of stayed away from these social issues, e.g. evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits or Biharis in Mumbai. After long, as it seems, India got its voice.

Thus, for this reason, I would rather call it “India awakening” not ‘India intolerant’. It seems the land of India is on the task of claiming back its identity, a non-violent liberal state, where arts and science were the mainstream subjects and the law of the land was the law of “Sanatana Dharma” whose dominant principle isLive and let Live’.

india intolerant

This is to remind, all the people in India and the world, that If you search history, there have been more human killings, 600+ million,  in the name of religion, e.g Islamic conversion, Christianity crusades, etc. [1, 2, 3] than any other natural calamities. These are the religions which are less tolerant than any other Indian religions.

I have only one question, why the ban on Islamic or other religious practices creates such a furor? For 1000+ years, Islamic leaders and followers banned many Hindu practices in our own homeland, and Indians remained silent. Worst come worst, many Hindu followers stopped practicing their rites and rituals openly, to avoid drawing an attention of Muslim rulers e.g. women putting bindi, especially in some parts of Gujarat state. In some of the states, they started consuming a meat of a domesticated animal which was considered an act of sin in Hinduism. According to Hinduism, one can eat meat only if it is hunted openly, not by hiding, in the wild like a Kshatriya (warrior clan). Killing a domesticated animal, who is at your mercy, is an act of cowardice and brutality. Not to kill a domesticated animal even a chicken is not a matter of religion but rather an act of civil society.

India was predominantly a peaceful state. There was no religion per se in this land beyond the Himalayas. People lived by the law of the state, practicing equality and freedom, except during an external emergency. People get united under the flag to defend the state under the ruler of the state. The only tax paid by the citizens was for the provision of internal security. King has to ensure that each and every citizen, in his state, is protected for his life and his property.

The religion [is a dogma] and an act of corruption, to control people’s life and livelihood. In India, our rulers under the influence of Kings from outside of India, become corrupted and started controlling the life and livelihood of its citizens. Soon India lost all its glory and charm. Invasion, massacre and loss of unifying force among citizens crippled India. Most of the citizens of India somehow managed to stay away from conversion and didn’t yielded to threats. They knew that all these religions are just dogmas, a brotherhood or sisterhood driven purely by the fear, controlled by the head priest of the religion holding more power than the state. This will never be acceptable by any sane Indian citizens.

It seems India is recovering from its wounds. The new age wants to go back to Sanatana Dharma, no religious BS. The land wants its power back, from the  state and limit its role to provide security, justice, and infrastructure while citizens run their own society based on the principles of humanity. I wish all the good luck to the citizens who are on this path.

|| ॐ नमः शिवाय ||



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