Who cares about Freedom in India?

I would like to put forward my opinion in front of you about who actually is concerned about “Freedom” to achieve happiness and prosperity in India. This is based on the economic disparity going to be in 2015.

The poor and Lower class – Not much time for that;

  • They are least interested as these people are busy with their daily life making two ends meet.
  • Unfortunately, they are the biggest chunk (78%) of the voters percentage
  • They care about free education, health care and employment assistance

This 78% of India thinks that Freedom and true democracy is just a dream. India has so fallen from the heights that only God can save us. Thus they are waiting for re-incarnation of some God. These people find their happiness usually in festivities. They usually go to movies to live, for 2.5 hour, their larger than life dreams. But, unfortunately they do not realise the power they have. This is the reason they keep getting exploited or say deprived from the rights of citizenship, and not allowed to see the real picture of Freedom.

The Middle class – Not seriously, it is a double edge sword;

  • They have their own life, within the walls, and don’t have much time to look beyond those walls
  • They possess very limited knowledge to understand the mechanics of the “Limited Governance” system
  • They can impact the functioning of the system indirectly
  • They consists the pivotal chunk (20%) of the voters percentage
  • They care about good Quality of Life and opportunities for income and growth

This 20% of India understands the concept of Freedom but are not able to comprehend how it will look like or takes shape at the end. This class vouches for welfare state and wants to push that responsibility on to the Government and do not want to pay the costs. They think, especially the religious group, that too much freedom will jeopardize their culture. This class struggles to comprehend the true nature and the merits of Freedom.

The Upper class and Rich – Yes, but at what cost;

  • The Government and their policies directly impacts their income potential
  • They can influence the system directly
  • They are the smallest chunk ( 2% ) of the voters percentage
  • They care about power and protection, solid infrastructure and opportunities to diversify and sustain their economic power

This 2% of India recognises the value of Freedom, but have very limited powers to influence the system. They are very well aware that they need to sacrifice their entire present and future benefits to make it happen but still not guaranteed that their sacrifice can bring any results. They believe strongly in “What goes around, comes around“.

In short, it is a great pain to worry about freedom in India. It is good to have but nobody has time, energy and /or resources to work towards it. This is the greatest dilemma India is facing now. The road to prosperity is no where visible. Nobody is going to come from above, no ism’s are going to lay it for us. It is us who need to find the solution.

Prosperity_next_exitThe solution lies in the hands of those 78% citizens. The challenge is how to get this message across this populace. The only way out is that the 2% class forms a joint venture with the rest of 78% and take help of 20% class to supervise the roadmap to prosperity.

Note: The percentages are projected by McKinseys for 2015


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