How middle class can impact Indian politics?

Middle class consists of those people who usually work to live life of others. They keep working and never stop. They are busy chasing their little dreams but not yet there. They usually live pay cheque to pay cheque. If they miss three pay cheques in a row, their entire little world crumbles down. To add to this misery there is a new invention called “credit line”. The middle class borrows the money to buy what others have and works overtime to pay it out, which never ends.

Now tell me, where is the time to bring the change. They can complain or voice their concerns but participating directly, to bring the change, is not an option. This is the common plight of the middle class. They are very well aware that corruption exists all around and is visible widely all over the place. But, they do not have time to work on the root cause. They can gather in a group and march or perform a Dharna. They can file a petition or voice their concerns. Few people tried to combat it, from within, but got bulldozed. They lost their jobs. Some gave up, some lost their lives and some left the country.

We know that to bring a change is not easy. One needs to be the change. But, to bring a political change we all need to be the change. It is well known fundamental that to resolve any issue, one need to focus on the root cause. Sometime the issue is overwhelming, thus we need to keep everything aside and work only on that issue. The current socio economic structure will not allow the middle class to do so. This is where the rich and the poor have the advantage. They do not need to worry about their economic or social survival.

Rich politicians know that busy people will never have time to work to bring a political change. Thus they pick poor and unemployed people as their party workers. These workers raise funds for the parties and keep their share. Thus the poor gets employed as well as gets the taste of power. Some of them exploit the power for their own benefits, and some puts it to good use for the benefit of the party. Did you see that how middle class is out of this equation?

Middle class need to generate force to bring the change. According to the law of motion, acceleration generates Force (F=ma). Acceleration is only generated when we have a variation in speed (dv/dt). Constant speed has zero acceleration, thus cannot generate force. To bring change in India, we need several forces. One or two Forces is not enough. Keep in mind that all the forces should be additive to create a larger sum of Force. Similarly, the middle class need to give little shake to their life style and generate some acceleration.

All the middle class people should form a group, in their area, and participate in a discussion one to two hours a week. Any one person can take a leadership who is not constrained financially especially who doesn’t have to work to sustain or maintain their family. These leaders can touch base with other leaders and share the thoughts. They can start working on one issue at a time. We know that government doesn’t have enough resources to resolve issues. These groups can help government to resolve those issues and demand government to utilize those saved resources to combat a more risky issues. This is the best way to create impact on governance systems and bring political change at large. The groups can be called as “Freedom groups” and their work can be called as a “Citizen Governance”.

This is the only solution for the middle class to impact the governance with one core ideology of “Liberty and freedom”. Later these group leaders can become members of “Freedom team of India” and participate in forming the best Governance system, the world had ever seen.


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