Why some cities, in India, doesn’t improve

I was pondering on why the cities, even after 5 – 10 years, certain areas and other places, are becoming worse and worse or show no improvement. If you observe closely, the places near the Legislative assemblies, posh areas and airports are clean but not the railway stations (except some metros), government hospitals, court houses (except High court and Supreme court), government schools, bus stands, fly over etc.

Elections come and go, with a promise to bring improvement but work is done only for a year and two but not up to the mark. During the work is undergoing, the goons comes into the picture and spurts into a gang war. The resources are diverted to cater these issues and the work gets delayed. Then the contractors are pressurised to meet the deadline. The contractors take shortcuts and finish the work with inflated expenses. The work is shoddy and not per the standards. A year or two later, a new budget is tabled for maintenance of this shoddy work. We know that the shoddy work, is like a white elephant which keeps eating up resources but, never gets fixed permanently. After fourth year, the politicians get busy with the preparation of elections for which the resources gets diverted, to keep the situation under control ensuring fair elections. Thus, back to square one and the vicious cycle continues till somebody takes drastic measures risking his life and liberty.

There appears a trend in these types of areas. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, most of these places are inhabited by poor or lower middle class people. These places have more number of voters (need to confirm in other states). Most of these areas are hub for goons and gangs. Thus these type of places are a good play ground for politicians to make promises and win votes.

Do you see the link, it is evident and crystal clear. These politicians learned how to exploit these gullible voters for their selfish power struggle; The rich and educated youth are lost in their dreams waiting for India to become a SUPER Power.

We just need 1500 good leaders to change this system. Are you there?

FTI is waiting for you?


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