The Engine of a Nation

I was working to find a root cause for all these situations before and after Independence of India. A book “Breaking free of Nehru” (BFN – Author- Sanjeev Sabhlok) enumerates such analysis very well and had been explained the reasons too. But I want to understand this machine beofre digging deeper.

Success of any nation depends on its four structures viz.

  • Economic structure
  • Defense/Judiciary/Security structure
  • Educational structure
  • Social structure

All these structures are the product of the Government and the Citizens, who take part in building and sharing these structures. These structures influences the Human strength and behaviour. It is also observed that the Government of any nation is the representative of the behavior and strength of its populace. Thus this is entirely a closed loop system. The probability of any citizens to maintain their citizenship entirely depends upon their strength and behavior and the conditions of these structures. The person who cannot absorb or withstand the health of these structures leaves the nation. The remaining either give-up, succumb to the state for a better tomorrow or keep fighting to improve it.

nation-system -3

The citizens, the government and the structures constitute the system, an engine of the nation. From the above diagram it is evident that if the system is collapsed then there is no way to expect a better human and social behavior. The constitution, acting as a control filter, ensures that the populations social strength and behaviour is acceptable and feeds back to the formation of the system.  The nations boundary is semi-permeable and thus gets affected by the external environment which is not entirely controllable. They are considered as noises like natural calamities, new discoveries, climate change, terrorist activities etc.

To get the desired output the system and/or the constitution need to be improved.  The above diagram tells us that the critical factors are the citizens who participates in the formation of the government and the constitution. The citizens need to be strengthened to form viable governance to impact the structures which can influence the social behavior and strength. Secondly, we need to keep challenging the constitution and update accordingly to get the desired results. This will enable to create the type of nation one wants.

The process of strengthening the citizen is not easy as said. It is largely dependent on the sub-systems like economy and social norms . Lets consider that currently the nation has a strong economy and is liberal in its policies. Then the change in the environment, like new discoveries, threats etc. affects the economic condition. The nation will either try to overcome or will try to protect what is left with a conservative approach. If the conservative approach is taken by the citizens then it will create inequality in a long run. This will create a huge play ground for a power play. The representatives will try to abuse power by concentrating in a small sections of the societies rather than distributing to the entire nation. To overcome this, in the past, the societies have adopted socialist and communist ideologies. These socialist and communist ideologies might sound attractive and seem beneficial for a short-term in a small nation, but it has been proved disastrous in large and diverse nations.

Science is evident that human is a progressive being. It is also evident that human being performs best when there are fewer constraints. He needs a conducive and free environment. Thus I believe a liberal economy and education with a conservative defense and social norms is the best form of system and will never go wrong.

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