What’s in name BHAARAT?

In school, when I wrote BHAARAT as my country, my English teacher corrected it to INDIA. And now when I want to say INDIA is my country, my conscience says no it is BHAARAT.
Am still trying to figure out what suits me best. I believe BHAARAT.
I wish one day I’ll be able to change the name of my country to BHAARAT.”

One may say – “What’s in name if any flower smells sweet as rose …-It stands true if it pertains to oneself.

But, I say –  “There is nothing in the name when in crowd, but it matters a lot when one want’s to be at the top.”

Name is like a brand. It conveys trust and respect and the user associates his pride to carry it. For e.g “Audi” vs “Ambassador”.

When I say INDIA, my conscious mind runs the history down for 350 years, a country which was weak and open for invaders, trodden by barbarians, looted by Mughal rulers, enslaved by British Empire and currently governed by ‘Lallus’ (no pun intended).

When I say BHAARAT, my conscious mind runs the history down more than 6000 years, where Lord Krishna prevailed, Lord Ram established Ram Rajya, the great emperors like Ashoka expanded the territories of bhAratvarshA from far east to far west, a country economically and scientifically advanced with a great culture, ethics, honesty and respectful to all living creatures demanding liberty at all levels for every being.

That is how I see BHAARAT; A liberal nation, complete, prosperous, safe, strong, cultured and respectable state; where the people can write their own destiny, irrespective of belief systems.

।। नमो भारतम् , नमो संस्कृतम् ।।


About AAryan

Husband, Dad, Engineer and a Dreamer.
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