India needs Political Innovators

There is a strong current of beliefs that Indian Governance system is infected with corruption (at all levels). Many people in India are puzzled about the survival of the Indian corrupt government and its sustenance. Some people even think that GOD, and good karma of good people, is helping India to withstand such corruption, else it would had withered long ago. But India is kept going and is on the path of economic growth. Something is there which is keeping India afloat. It seems that not everything is bad. There are some invisible forces in India who are working, behind the scenes, religiously to save it from coming apart.

In 2009, TOI had brought the issue of “Right to negative vote” and “None of the above” option in electoral mandate. This is actually a very dangerous idea. According to Sanjeev Sabhlok, in his article says “it sends sends a very wrong signal to the community. By advocating such things they (the citizens) make themselves even more redundant to India’s future.” It is like supporting a negative democracy.

“None of the above” is the undercurrent of the mass of todays India. This suggests something, which we need to comprehend. Everybody knows this is a bad idea, even my 12-year-old does. But, this is a silent outcry of the people of India. I believe India is approaching to a hopeless chaotic state.

According to me, people have a deep resentment and silently saying “enough is enough” but do not know how to say it loud. They do not have options or alternatives to choose. This is the very reason even educated class is supporting the movements of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, even though deep inside they know that it is not their ultimate goal. The reason of the support is simple, something is better than nothing.

The basic survival norm today in India is “If you want to live, work and raise your family (even with average dignity) hang your ethics and integrity”. Yes, the big question is of ethics and integrity. No matter what we do, as much anti-corruption or other laws we formulate, the end result will be the same. We all know that Human brains are the most powerful and tactical in adopting any extreme environments. Thus, the hackers can come up with several other methods and methodologies to survive and beat these anti-corruption laws. The shape and form might change but not the plight of the citizens.

There are many good people who enter politics. I have met some Congressis (Ahmed Patel – MP Bharuch, Gujarat) and BJP’ians (B.Shukla – MP Vadodara, Gujarat) who are doing wonderful job in their constituencies (at least better than their counterparts). Members like S.Swamy, Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi exists and are becoming instrumental to devlopments. But, we need to re-establish ethics and integrity in politics and clean up the image (from the common notion – Politcs is a place for useless and rascals).

Currently, either the Indian structure is standing on a wrong foundation or the foundation is not meant for the existing structure. We cannot change the foundation. The foundation of India is based on our core values of principle and culture. You may call it our Sanskriti or Sanatan Dharma (Vedic gifts by our Rishis and Scholars). I believe this is what keeping India afloat. But, definitely we together can change the structure. More and more good people should enter politics to clean the image. The intellectuals should come together on the ground, take count of what is left good, and start working towards revamping (not changing or improving) the system.

The reason I am saying this is due to the nostalgic evidences of the people who believed, British raj was better than this, and there are people (including my parents, uncles, in-laws) who thought that the system will improve and will be better after 1977 (as emergency has seen the best operations – least corruption, on-time-delivery of services, good quality goods, affordable prices, etc.). But, somehow it took downturn. One reason behind this is, what I perceived, people gave up the ownership (which they were exercising during emergency) of doing the best and contributing the best.

We, the citizens of India, need to come together to do the best and contribute the best. We need to take the oath, that at any cost we will not sacrifice the quality and dignity of the life what we deserve. We want to live, work and raise our family with dignity and happiness.

Yes we all, the citizens of India, need to become Political Innovators.

How to be a Political Innovator?
Just by agitating our mind to think and sharing it among others. Even a single good thought is enough. A thought of better governance; An idea of better society. Do not let your thoughts wither.
You can write about your thoughts in your daily or local news papers, blogs, Facebook etc. Join like-minded groups. Share your thoughts among friends and families. You can print fliers and distribute them. Educate your kids about their rights and how to practice ethics and integrity.

Lastly, please do vote. Exercise your right. It is precious. They know the value who doesn’t have this right to vote. If you doubt the integrity or ethics of the contestant, then exercise your right to information about that person. You can lodge the complaint with elections commission or in media maintaining your anonymity. But, do vote and exercise it rightfully and cautiously. It affects you, your family and your coming generations.

|| नमो भारतम् नमो संस्कृतम् ||



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2 Responses to India needs Political Innovators

  1. mindmithun says:

    Great post Aaryanji..


  2. AAryan Rao says:

    I am thinking about a negative vote. An option to voter to cast the vote as a negative marking. It means if 100 people goes to vote a candidate, and if he gets 49 positive votes and 51 negative votes then he looses. Now the question is how to fill the position. Can a President/Governor appoint his executive for the time being to find a best candidate to fill the position. It requires critical thinking, but currently it doesn’t sound good.


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