Why I want to, be the change

Herewith are the excerpts for the interview about me:
Are you happy with the current Indian economy? If No, What do you think can be done?
 I am not an economist thus I cannot comment on that. Looking at the developments undertaken by India, which didn’t worked well, clearly indicates that we need to refine the economic policies. After 60+ years of Independence India is still a developing nation. Based on my personal experience India need a strategy to enhance and retain the talented brains in India. India is a rich country in terms of resources, knowledge and talent. Currently it is getting spilled or wasted.
 India was a most liberal country in the past, rich and vibrant, based on its principles of Hinduism. I don’t consider Hinduism as just another religion; it has wider perspective than that. It is impossible to comprehend its vastness and depth. At present, and I am sure many of the people will agree with me, that the benefits of Hinduism are explored less than 5%. Sadly, some of the groups are twisting it and changing the perspective into a religious dogma. Hinduism was always flexible in its approach and adjusts accordingly with the socio-political developments.
 Economics is a study of human behaviors and its role in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. I believe our ancient text has the solution for mitigating risks and increasing productivity. We need to unearth those principles of economy from ancient texts which might be helpful especially in mitigating the risks.
………. in which way you are working for the development of free market economy in India.
 India is already a free market economy. The problem is of the Government intervention with the economic policies and its non disclosure to general public. More than 90% of the population is not aware of the government policies supporting or encouraging SMEs. Currently, the benefits of those policies are either availed by the relatives or friends of the politicians and bureaucrats.
 I have joined FTI (Freedom team of India), a loosely formed Political body, aiming to improve the Governance of India. Currently FTI is working on three aspects.
 1) Finding efficient and effective leaders willing to lead India into a prosperous state
 2) Develop Policies to improve the standards at all avenues benefitting the people and the society at large.
 3) Develop strategies to implement these policies and improve Governance of India.
 Currently FTI has 150 members and are slowly increasing. We are looking forward to have at least 1500 leaders, from all walks of life, to transform India and its socio-economic and political scene. I am here with a faith to see India transformed into a prosperous, safe, strong, cultured and respectable state.
Have your say on current Indian Political System.
 There is nothing good to say about the political system of India. It lacks the diverse representation which it needs. India is a diverse country and it is big challenge to have representation covering the entire diversity. Adding to this is the regional politics, the caste based politics and the religion based politics. And the worst thing is, it gets encouraged by the society and the political parties itself. You can blame this onto the current political ideology. The ultimate goal of all the political parties during elections is to win the ridings, and they fuel the cultural and social divide, and reap the benefits of the “Divide and rule” policy. Currently the Indian political scene is at its nadir. One need not to be intelligent enough to tell that when the criminals represent the society what will be the outcome.
What do you think can be done as a part of the revival of Indian Political System? What is your contribution as member of Freedom Team of India?
 We need education, not the bookish one, but the social one. In India, more than 90% of the population is not fully aware of their fundamental rights; leave alone the right against exploitation. They do teach about these rights in schools but do not teach how to practice them.
 My Proposal:
 1) All schools, colleges and Universities should have a mandatory workshop where students have to practice on how to avail their rights. At workplaces, both private and government, there should be mandatory EOPs (employee opinion surveys) which need to be audited by external bodies. RTI is already showing the benefits of such thing. This alone will definitely help to improve the Indian Political system.
 2) All the Political leaders should draft their own Goals and Objectives, consulting their constituencies, and make it public. This will help the voters, and the public, to evaluate their leader and his progress. This will also help the Government to learn about the gaps and try to develop policies accordingly. It will, by default, provide transparency.
 As a member of FTI, currently we are working to organize the various outreach events to educate the people about our Policies and how they can contribute towards forming a prosperous India. I am helping to coordinate such events and participating in the development of the strategies to find more leaders.
AAryan’s Wishlist:
 My Vision: A nation for the Indians by the Indians and lead by the Indians; where each and every Indian have right to contribute to nations growth; where every individual will carve a clear path for future generations leading to a complete, prosperous, safe, strong, cultured and respectable state; where the people can write their own destiny, irrespective of their belief systems.
 Time has come to think out-of-the-box and lead India to attain ultimate sovereignty. My wish is to bring the leaders and its citizens, from all walks of life, together to shape India of the dream.
 I know that presently, India is in a poor state and their citizens are wounded and weak. It will be unfair to ask them to stand up and fight for which they need strength and a hope to win. Thus, my next step will be to work on providing such strength and ability to the Indian citizens to fight and sustain against the corrupt practices of the Political and Governmental bodies.


About AAryan

Husband, Dad, Engineer and a Dreamer.
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