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India needs Political Innovators

There is a strong current of beliefs that Indian Governance system is infected with corruption (at all levels). Many people in India are puzzled about the survival of the Indian corrupt government and its sustenance. Some people even think that … Continue reading

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Inequalities in India

P.Sainath, in this speech, describes on the impact of corporate globalization on Indian society and how Neoliberal policies have increased inequalities devastating farmers in India. Question and Answer session: I would like to invite the critics on this speech. … Continue reading

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Love is Life

Without heart, robots we are, Without mind, fools we are, Without soul, animals we are, Without love, perished we are. – Srinivas Rao Love is life, Life is not love. – AAryan Love opens the door to life. One need … Continue reading

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Leader vs Manager

There has been a tons of research on determining the differences between the leader and the manager.  We all know that different fields require different types of the leaders. The fact of the matter is nothing can be done without the managers. Also, not … Continue reading

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India on the Move

Currently in India many things are unfolding. It seems Indians are on the move to improve the status quo of corruption. Anna Hazre’s Lokpal bill and Baba Ramdev’s Black money agitation are the hottest affairs in the country. They are … Continue reading

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जीवन जीने का डर

Published with the permission of the Author- माँ की गोद से उतरते वक्त ज़मीन के खिसक जाने का डर लगता है । पापा की उंगली को छोड़ते वक्त भीड़ मे भटक जाने का डर लगता है । दोस्तों से बिछड़ते … Continue reading

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Why I want to, be the change

Herewith are the excerpts for the interview about me: ————————————————————— Are you happy with the current Indian economy? If No, What do you think can be done?  I am not an economist thus I cannot comment on that. Looking at … Continue reading

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