देश का चीर हरण, और कितना चलेगा

I heard all the tapes of Amar Singh and instead of getting angry I got depressed. Usually this kind of act fills anger in you, but today I felt squeezed from within, like something inside is paralysing me. This is the first time I felt so helpless.

I had faced them during my struggle to establish a business. I was advised to grease the palms of each and every individual in the chain up to the MLA. I was young and ambitious, a qualified Engineer and wanted to set up an Engineering firm on my own terms. I wanted to do it fair and square. But at the end of the day I gave up and lost money, sleep and time. My well-wishers gave me a stern advice, this is not the way things work. They branded me as a head-strong and I will never be successful as an honest man. And to my surprise it came true.

I didn’t even felt like this in 1993 during the preparations for IAS exams, when I learned that in Kanpur, Lucknow and Meerut you can get the leaked papers and can pass the exams. That information jolted me as it was considered one of the prestigious exams to take after JEE or CAT. It was an utter surprise to me. I didn’t took exams as I was going through difficult time. Later after two years this IAS exam paper leaking racquet got exposed. But it might have already caused the damage to India and its elite administration system.

I fought, with all my vigour, against corrupt practices at my work place and in the day-to-day life. My family was always kept worried about me. They always use to consult the astrologers and Guruji for my well-being. They always use to teach me wisely, how to keep calm and not paying attention to such things. They even use to offer prayers and fasting, and lots of well wishes. The common advise which I always use to get; “If something happens to you or the family nobody or the nation is going to come forward to extend help; Family responsibility first, society and the state later.”

Today, after listening to those tapes, it didn’t came as a surprise to me as I am very well aware of the nexus between the Politicians, Businessman, the Media and the Entertainment industry. I have knowledge of how the flush money works and how it gets balanced in the financial statements. This is the way the large MNCs conduct their business. But, somehow today I felt pity about myself and for all the Indians living in India. I do not know why I felt like that but it was not a good feeling at all. It is a strange feeling and is hard to explain in words.

The only question which is bothering me is this; if a person commits a crime of rape, there is a certain punishment awarded by the state, which that person has to undergo. If the victim dies or is unable to live the normal life, then the punishment is more severe.

What is the punishment for raping the nation?

||namO Bhaartam namO Sanskritam||


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Husband, Dad, Engineer and a Dreamer.
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