Second Independence movement

Anna Hazare made the Government to bend on its knees. I am happy that the movement worked but at the same time I feel ashamed too that this was not the India for which India lost its the most important souls.

I respect the fact that one man with his peaceful protest and will power was able to do this. I wonder how it worked. If so we can solve other important problems which are important too.

This “fast until death” worked which proves that India is not free yet in a true sense. The citizens of India are still deprived of the freedom what the Indians deserved even after the Independence. The citizens cannot resolve their issues with the governance system with the proper reasoning clearly indicates that there is a fundamental problem with the Indian society and its educational system. It will be foolish to talk that India will be a super power in the future without looking into the aspect to fix the fundamental problem with the democracy we have in India.

India do not have the governance system which is respectable enough to be trusted upon. It is hard to believe we live in the democratic society of 21st century. This clearly demands a second independence movement, but this time it is from our own ideologies and the social and educational systems.

||namO Bhaartam, namO Sanskritam||


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Husband, Dad, Engineer and a Dreamer.
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