Is “भारत” falling apart?

Yes it is falling apart. The current affairs in India suggests that there  is more to unravel before the eyes of the Indian citizens, and unfortunately nobody can do anything about it. Yes there are people who are angry, there are political activists who are very angry and there are these common middle class citizens who are very, very angry. But nobody can do anything. Yes!! nobody can do anything.

Media is utilising this masala for their popularity, analysts are confused with the information on hand. The institutes are worried for their next five-year goals. Nobody has time to look into this. The Indian parents can punish or reprimand their kids for performing such a shameful act, but who will reprimand those parents who did this very shameful act.

This is just the trailer. There is more to unravel. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently the politicians in the congress tent are angry and shaking. They are planning their next cunning tact. How to sublime the current fiasco. And the CBI is working hard on it. And it will be out soon.

What the Psychics are seeing in the crystal globe? The cards are crumbling. The cash is getting transferred to the respective accounts before the siege. Visa’s are getting ready for the vacation. The people are on rampage. The country is in chaos.


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