We, the Indians are perennially suffering the abuse by the Criminalized Politics and the worst Bureaucracy in the name of Democracy and Equality. The lucky few, who manage to get the ‘VIP Pass’ to be an insider in this system, quickly learn the art of trampling upon the downtrodden and exploit them to the hilt. The capacity to manipulate becomes our biggest quality rather than the talent or enterprise.

But I believe I am different. I believe you are different. I believe most people in this amazing India are different. We all would, pay our taxes honestly, never jump signal, never pay bribe, never break the queue, if and only if we were sure of  not being trampled by those Corrupted VIP pass holders. And, that is a big “if”. We will continue getting trampled if we keep waiting for the right leaders to arrive. This is even a bigger “if”.

I was desperately struggling to find a solution to put an end to this delusion. At last I found what I was looking for, a team (FTI) of high-spirited leaders who believe in themselves, their humility and the people of India. Yes we all together can make the dream of India come true.

FTI has come with a blueprint to remove this “if”. Its core philosophy is ‘Freedom with accountability’. It is a platform to bring together the Leaders with Integrity, who will take a plunge into active politics leading the India towards the Classical Liberal Democracy. FTI offers solution not just a hope. It proposes to put in place, the most advanced and the foolproof governance system any country can have. It aims to make the laws most simplified and easily understandable followed by their strong and non-discriminatory enforcement and, supported by a fair and fast justice delivery system. Rationalized tax system and a system with equal opportunity and responsibility alike, are some of the many highlights.

FTI aims for a political movement to purify our political system. I have joined FTI. You can support FTI too in the following ways:

  1. Spread the word, Post it on your FB/Twitter or  other networks
  2. Forward this message to your friends with a suitable suggestion
  3. Do not put up with injustice be aware of your rights
  4. Make a donation to FTI (only from India citizens)
  5. Find the right leaders around you and suggest them to join FTI  
  6. Support FTI by becoming a freedom partner @  
  7. and the best of all, if you aspire to become a strong-willed humble leader,  join FTI @ and increase your output by ten fold.

||namO Bhaartam, namO Sanskritam||


About AAryan

Husband, Dad, Engineer and a Dreamer.
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