Are Indians in India coward and foolish?

Many NRI’s think that the Indians living on the very soil are coward and foolish. They do not have enough guts to fight against the system which is degenerating their freedom. The people have become self-centered and they just care about today. Who cares about tomorrow?
The above statement is utterly bogus and bears no weight. If so then why the parents today are enrolling their kids in the best schools and trying to provide best comfortable life to them. Why the parents are setting high standards for their children? This shows that, the older generation has taken the current situation for granted and want their kids to rise above the current limitations.
The current governance system is structured such a way, that there is no room for honesty or dignity. Every Indian in India has no choice. He is forced to manipulate corruption, from the time he leaves his home for work, till he returns home. He needs to surrender himself to this sick system to fulfill his responsibilities towards the family. If he decides to fight then either he goes broke, disrupts the peace of his family or sacrifices his life. The other option is to leave for time being, finish his responsibilities towards his family then return back and fight.
In long run this kills the ethics of the person who surrendered to the sick system. He is brainwashed and saturated. Politicians are also in the same boat. Politicians exploit this situation very well. They know that they have only five years to grab whatever they can.
It was a common hearsay in India that “One who is not worthy of anything joins Politics”.   This was very true for 35 years (1965 – 2000). What can you expect from such a quality of Politicians?
Time has changed. Many educated and well literate persons are entering into Politics. I agree that it is still not enough. But at least they are trying. They are not coward or foolish.

||namO Bhaartam, namO Sanskritam||


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