Seed of the Corruption is sown at home!

Corruption: There are many definitions and forms of the corruption.

The simple definition of the corruption is – The circumvention of the proper channel

Corruption starts from the home. This is learned at a very early stage as a kid. Kids often try to circumvent the proper channel to fulfill their little selfish needs.

How? Say for example the members of the family altogether decide that to maintain smooth operation of the household responsibilities and finances following rules will apply:

  1. Dad will be responsible for the finances, extracurricular activities and the character development of the children.
  2. Mom will be responsible for the educational, cultural, character and overall development of the children.
  3. Children are responsible to follow the discipline
  4. It is everybody’s responsibility to maintain harmony and peace in the home.

According to these rules the kid needs to take permission of Mom and Dad if he wants to go to a movie with his friends. Usually mother allows for the movies which are meant for kids and going with the known friends. She will never allow going with unknown friends or groups.

There is a new kid on the block who just moved with his parents two moths ago in the neighborhood. Soon he became a popular kid in school. He invited our son to join him to the movie. Our son knows that Mom will not allow going to a movie with this new kid as she doesn’t know him personally. Our son also knows that Mom will ask a detailed report about him, a very tedious process. So he comes directly to Dad, without going through his Mom, and requests for the money to go for a movie with this new kid. He tells Dad that this kid is very popular in school and he invited him personally. He also requests not to inform Mom now, and will inform later. Dad agrees and gives him the money.

The seed of the corruption is sown.

If Mom reminds the Dad that they both are responsible for the character building of the kid and not to repeat this again then the “seed” of the corruption can be crushed. If the kid is not warned this time and he keeps practicing similar things then the seed will grow into a big tree and will be hard to cut it down.

||namO Bhaaratm, namO Sanskritam||


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