What has gone wrong?

A little story:
In a society there lived people from all community and had harmony. Mr.”A” was a Hindu but his neighbor “C” was a Muslim. Once there were communal riots and A’s house was ransacked. Mr. “A” went to Police station to complain but as usual Police said we are busy will see later.
Days passed by and during that time C’s brother D was in a search of a house. “C” thought it would be nice if D can come to live beside his house. “C” contacts some gang leader and arranges for 2 goons to ransack “A”s house, to scare “A” and compel him to sell his house at cheap price. “A”s house gets ransacked once again. As an educated man “A” makes no hue and cry and lodges complaint with Police. Days passed by nothing happened.
After 3 months goons came again to ransack “A”s house. This time the son of “A” who was just 15yr old, tried to fight back, but got hurt. Seeing this “A” got angry, picked up the rod lying by the gate and beats the shit out of them. Listening to this commotion people gathered around the house. The goons ran away with blood oozing from their head. People saw this and got scared without understanding the real issue. This issue got published in news paper with a communal twist.
Strange thing happened. People started behaving differently to “A”. Some people started avoiding “A”. Others started paying respect with fear. Mr. “A” tried to explain the real issue but nobody cared. They just believe what they saw, a horrifying act of “A”.
Who is at fault for Mr.”A”s peaceful life getting disturbed? Will he be ever able to live a life of a normal person as it use to be?

Does the above story rings a bell. It should as it is similar to the story of Kashmiri Pandits.


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