How Safe is India?

The boarders are not secured enough and we have insurgence within.
Our house is made of the cardboard and the inhabitants are suffering from poverty. What should we be worried first. The security or the poverty.
I believe we need to tackle both at a same time.
If we focus on improving the security first and we do not have strength to guard them due to hunger and poverty, then it will be hard to protect ourselves. If we focus on eradicating poverty first then and leave our borders open then we are unsecured and open to infiltration and terrorism.
How to deal with this?
I believe getting together and helping each other will definitely make a difference.
An author who has advised four US presidents, including President Barack Obama, says the biggest threat coming from the region is not al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden but the possibility of another Mumbai style attack by Pakistan-based militants that could trigger a war between India and Pakistan. Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution has just released his new book on US-Pakistan relations. VOA’s Ravi Khanna has more.


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