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Can Engineers be a Successful Political Leaders?

It is a common belief that engineers are introverts, arrogant and proud. Their primary characteristics are a love of detail and the ability to work independently. Engineers often are somewhat arrogant because they’re generally very smart. From the engineer’s point … Continue reading

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FTI’s success in Chandigarh

Excerpt from Times of India: CHANDIGARH: A campaign that was born in cyberspace from London to free India of its ills, is exploring possibilities of taking roots in northwest India comprising Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir. Around … Continue reading

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Seed of the Corruption is sown at home!

Corruption: There are many definitions and forms of the corruption. The simple definition of the corruption is – The circumvention of the proper channel Corruption starts from the home. This is learned at a very early stage as a … Continue reading

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Request to Protect “Sanskrit” Language

Dear friends, kindly consider translating this short message in your own language and circulate it amongst your friends…It would help us to spread awareness on this important issue and do our bit to keep Sanskrit alive… *** Request in Hindi … Continue reading

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What has gone wrong?

A little story: In a society there lived people from all community and had harmony. Mr.”A” was a Hindu but his neighbor “C” was a Muslim. Once there were communal riots and A’s house was ransacked. Mr. “A” went to … Continue reading

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Does India really need to change?

The literacy rate of India increased to 65% was @15% during Independence.[1] What we learned seems entirely wrong. If you dig deep it will be evident that we learned mostly how to copy. We copied the British education, lifestyle, and … Continue reading

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How Safe is India?

The boarders are not secured enough and we have insurgence within. Our house is made of the cardboard and the inhabitants are suffering from poverty. What should we be worried first. The security or the poverty. I believe we need … Continue reading

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