Rape – how to put an end it?

This is what some scientists, like Palmer and Thornhill, asks as well as politicians. Surprising, but sadly it is true. They call it “natural adaptation” or as an act of “biological temptation”. These biologists and so-called political leaders should ask the victims what they think about this definition. This bothered me a lot,  and wanted to find out what do intellectuals have to say on this … Continue reading Rape – how to put an end it?

What can I predict for India, politically?

Who will be PM in 2014? Mr. N. Modi is going to be a PM under coalition NDA (BJP will be a short of majority, as it seems now). But, he will not last long, until and unless a dire need arises in India. India will be undergoing a large turmoil, which will require more of a competent managerial-leader, which seems he is. Why Mr. N. Modi … Continue reading What can I predict for India, politically?

Why Gandhi did what he did?

Many individuals and generation-Y of India question his support regarding Prime ministerial candidature “… him asking Sardar V. Patel to step down from the candidature …”. Some individuals also question his motive on the prevention of Pakistan formation by recommending Jinnah for Prime Ministership. Let me get his political insight. Gandhiji was a very disciplined and strategic leader of his times. “Gandhi was a self-described … Continue reading Why Gandhi did what he did?